Teenager Sneaks Into Kanye West’s Listening Party

Connor Tracy made the 6-hour trek to Wyoming as soon as he heard a rumor about the event.”I’m a huge Kanye fan,”he told Triple J Drive. ”I learned about it the morning that everbody learned it. I’d already heard Kanye was in Wyoming and heard through a Pusha T interview he was staying at the Amanagani Hotel.

Though Connor was unable to book a hotel due to high demand, he did runinto Kanye’s cousin Tony Williams. ”He saw I was wearing a bunch of Yeezy clothing,” says Tacy. ”Yeezy 500s, Calabasas hat, pants. He said ‘are you going to the listening party?’ I said, ‘no, I’m trying to get to it.’ He’s like, ‘you know what? I’ll get you on the list, I’ll get you in.”

With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard effort, the teen was later able to make his way into the street with an official wristband.

”I stood in a couple places. Towards the beginning I was a few people away; I think I was next to Kanye’s promotional manager. Then I was right behind 2 Chainz. They played the album about three or four times and towards the last couple plays I was pretty much right next to Kim. I don’t know how I got right in the inner circle.”

As for his interaction with Yeezy himself, Connor says ”He was really appreciative and seemed really happy.”

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