Teen Confesses To Murdering Her Father After He Called Her Fat

Ameera Stokes confessed to killing her father when she contacted  911 on Sunday while visiting at his home in Mt.Morris Township, Michigan. According to police, Stokes and her father were fighting over “life issues” when she attacked him with a hammer then stabbed him.

His body was found in a stairwell entering the basement and appeared to suffer from blunt force trauma. Stokes was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

The teen’s mother, Gretchen Brasher, explained to ABC 12 that she sent her daughter to live with her dad when she was a child due to financial troubles. The teen’s relationship with her dad was very strained and Brasher said he was “verbally abusive”.

“He was very verbally abusive. She had a belly, so he would tease her about being fat”

Stokes recently checked herself out of a facility over a month ago. She attempted suicide six times beforehand and told her mother she ran out of her medication.

Stokes was arraigned on Monday in Genesee District Courty and is being held without bail. She will make a court appearance at 1 p.m. on May 24.

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