At Least 8 People Killed in Santa Fe, Texas, School Shooting; Suspect Is in Custody

Texas Officials say a Gunman walked into a high school art class and opened fire Friday morning, killing at least eight people, according to reports.The shots rang out before 8 a.m. at Santa Fe High School east of Houston, where an assistant principal told KTRK a suspect was quickly taken into custody.

The shooter is reportedly a student. According to reports, a second person was also detained.

The school was swiftly placed on lockdown as a district statement on Facebook confirmed multiple injuries without initially going into detail.

One witness reportedly said she saw a girl get shot in the leg.

“I saw some girl, she got shot in a kneecap i guess,” the student told reporters.

Another girl described the confusion she felt even after hearing the shots.

Aerial footage from the scene showed many students lined up outside the school, as law enforcement officials took some of their bags.

What appeared to be a figure covered in a white sheet could also be seen outside one of the school’s exits.

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