Mexican film students killed, dissolved in acid

Three Mexican film students were tortured, killed and had their bodies dissolved in acid last month by criminals who believed they were part of a rival gang, police said Monday.

Javier Solomon Aceves Gastelum, 25, Marco Garcia Francisco Avalos, 20, and Jesus Daniel Diaz, 20, vanished last month in Tonala while filming a project for school

The three men attended the University of Audiovisual Media in Guadalajara.The students were last seen in Tonala on March 19 after their vehicle broke down. The trio was kidnapped by at least six people, Jalisco state prosecutors said. Authorities said the students were forced into a vehicle by two armed men who appeared to be dressed as police officers.

Following the kidnapping, the three students were driven to a home used by Cartel Jalisco New Generation, a notorious gang, members of which tortured and killed the men before disposing of the bodies, Jalisco state prosecutors said.

The gang believed the three men were part of their rival cartel, Nueva Plaza, authorities said. The home where the three students had been filming belonged to one of their aunts and was used as a “safe house” for Nueva Plaza; it was under surveillance by Cartel Jalisco New Generation, prosecutors said.

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