Man left Naked, Maimed, and Crucified by a Vigilante Gang

Sexual abuse accusations have been everywhere recently, but how many predators have actually been brought to justice? Recently in Oaxaca, a state in Southern Mexico, a Catholic priest with HIV known as Jose Garcia Ataulfo, has admitted to raping thirty young girls between the ages of 5 and 10. Ataulfo was well aware that he had HIV when he sexually abused these young girls putting them at risk of contracting the disease, but he was forgiven by the church and has yet to face any criminal charges. As part of Pope Francis’s more merciful approach to child predators, Ataulfo was relocated to a different church where he would seek forgiveness for his sins. The fact that Ataulfo was not punished for his acts infuriated many.

Since the system failed to punish Ataulfo, rogue groups are taking matters into their own hands to bring justice to the families of rape victims. The man in the photo above is 29-year-old Eduardo Cruz who raped an 11-year-old boy. Cruz was taken into custody by the police and was on his way to the police station, but the cop car got blocked off by two vehicles who kidnapped Cruz. Cruz’s naked body was later found crucified to a wooden plank with his penis stuffed in his mouth while hanging from a street sign with a cardboard sign fixed to his chest with two ice picks. The cardboard sign read,

“This happened to me for being a child rapist and it is going to happen to all the pedophiles, scandalmongers, traitors… Be aware that this is not a game.”

Police believe that this demonstration was done by the Knights Templar Mexican Drug Cartel who have appointed themselves as violent law enforcers for the area. It appears that if the system refuses to properly aprehend predators, someone else will.

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