Is TayK being Released Soon?

This year, a 17 year old rapper from Arlington, TX, a city within the Dallas Ft Worth (DFW) metroplex, named Tay-K took the internet by storm with his song titled “The Race” which has racked up almost a 100 million views on YouTube and peaked at 44 on the Billboard. His song has also been remixed by many other rappers such as 21 Savage, Vince Staples, Lil Yachty and YBN Nahmir.

However, Tay-K is currently facing a lengthy prison sentence for two capital murder charges and one count of aggravated robbery. But last night Tay-K signed a deal with J Grand’s 88 Classic which has been confirmed by a source to XXL. The source also stated that Tay-K is soley signed to the “independent venture 88 Classic” and refutes all the other labels Tay-K is signed with.

Tay-K’s manager was quick to shut down rumors of Tay-K’s release. Tay-K also does not have a facebook or snapchat so anything on those two platforms are fake news. Here are screenshots from Tay-K’s manager below. What do you think about Tay-K? Should Tay-K be released and do you think Tay-K is freed?

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