Tupac Shakur’s Penis?

It is true that Legends Never Die, Tupac passed away 21 years ago in 1996 but still manages to make headlines today. People still use him to make music and they’ve made a movie about him, but this is the first time Tupac has been involved in an auction selling something he didn’t make.

In the Fall of 2016, Tupac’s handwritten songs, plaques, and records were auctioned off. A few months later, the BMW Tupac was shot in, got auctioned off for 1.5 million US Dollars (USD). In the Summer of 2017, Tupac’s love letter to Madonna was auctioned off.

But this time, this is a new low, Tupac’s ex-girlfriend wants to sell images of Tupac’s penis for $7,500 USD. Apparently Tupac had a habit of exposing himself and his girlfriend at the time told him to put his dick away or she’d take a picture of it. Would you pay for an image of 27 year old Tupac’s penis?

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