How Powerful was Iron Mike?

On October 20th, 2000, at The Detroit Palace, one of Heavyweight Boxing’s most anticipated matches was about to go down. Polish boxer who competed four times for a Heavyweight World Title and held a bronze medal as an amateur in the 1988 Olympics for the Heavyweight division, Andrew Golota, was about to face off with the notorious Iron Mike Tyson who does not need an introduction. The fight was called the “Showdown in Motown,” and was promoted by Lois Hearns, the mother of legendary “Hitman” Thomas Hearns, who fronts Hearns Entertainment.

This fight was Tyson’s fifth fight after his return of biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off and it was Golota’s tenth fight after losing two back to back matches showing that both athletes have been active in the sport.

Tyson comes out fast unloading bombs dropping Golota once in the first round, however Golota stood his ground returning fire in the second round laying the foundation of a good fight. But, Golota got a cut above his right eye and said “I quit” at the beginning at the third round. Golota’s corner man. Al Certo can be seen trying to force Golota’s mouthpiece back into his mouth and later remarked that he should have shoved it up Golota’s ass.

This infuriated Tyson who had to be restrained from continuing to attack Golota and Golota was later hospitalized and a medical examiner revealed that Golota actually had a concussion, fractured cheekbone, and a herniated disc in his neck. The power behind Tyson’s punches are insane and it is phenomenal that Golota still stood conscious after all that. The fight was ruled out as a win by TKO for Tyson, but was then later ruled out as “No Contest” due to Marijuana being found in Tyson’s system. Talk about a good boxing match. Now watch the highlights and the full fight from the Andrew Golota vs. Mike Tyson fight below along with a compilation of Tyson’s uppercuts. If you listen, you can hear the impact of Tyson’s punches. All videos go out to there respective owners who have been linked back too.

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