Bodycam video released by Broward Sheriff’s Office of fatal shooting of Lauderdale Lakes man

Cellphone footage showing a man being fatally shot after attacking a Sheriff’s Office deputy at Lauderdale Lakes apartment. The video – taken by a second officer bodycam Wednesday- shows 42- year-old Jean Pedro Pierre dragging Deputy Sean Youngward by his leg.

Bodycam Footage shows, Jean Pedro Pierre, fighting with Broward Sheriff’s deputy before a second deputy fatally shoots him. Neighbors urged Pierre to let the deputy go, That didn’t work.As Pierre continues to drag the deputy and kick him, another officer, Deputy Steven Briggs, sweeps in.

“Tase him, tase him; don’t shoot him,” someone screams in the video.

That’s when Briggs, standing a few feet away, attempts to use his Taser.

But that didn’t work either.

“Let it go, bro. They’re gonna shoot you, man,” one man yells. Soon after, someone else is heard saying, “Think smart, bro.”

As Pierre lets go of Youngward, he charges at Briggs, who then fires his gun three times, the video shows.

Pierre was taken to Broward Health Medical Center, where he later died.

Both deputies were placed on administrative leave, as per department policy.

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