Who is Tekashi69?

Recently you may have seen a Mexican-American rapper from Brooklyn with rainbow hair and “69” tattooed on his body just about 69 times floating around the media. This man is known as Tekashi69 (ig:@6ix9ine_), who is signed to Elliot Grainge Entertainment, a label headed by Universal Music Group. Tekashi69 has a very interesting look and his videos are purposely made with a low budget. Even now when he has money he refuses to buy things he couldn’t afford when he was broke. With low promotion costs and having his instagram deleted five times, he has still managed to obtain a 713k follower count on Instagram, gained 15million views for his video “Gummo” on YouTube and over 100k views for teasers for his music video “Kooda”. His song “Gummo” has broken 12 million listens on Soundcloud and at the same time he does not have a Soundcloud, YouTube, or Twitter meaning anything posted on those medians are by his friends and fans. His YouTube videos are posted by a Slovakian label and some of his songs are produced by Pierre Bourne. Tekashi69 has also done collabs with other rappers like Trippie Red and Famous Dex.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.39.02 PM

With almost no promotions, Tekashi69 has managed to sell out shows worldwide, he has gone on tour in Europe and is planning to go on tour in the US. Here is an image from a video posted on his instagram of his performance in Prague, Czech Republic (below).Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.51.10 PM

Recently, Trippie Red has denounced Tekashi69 a child rapist and has started a social media beef with Tekashi69 where Trippie Red is accusing Tekashi69 of raping a 13 year old. Their beef also got into gang related issues pertaining the Bloods. The only photo about this rape allegation is posted below this paragraph. In August 2017 rapper ZillaKami posted documents saying that Tekashi69 pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct of a child in March 2015, however Tekashi69 and his team have continued to deny the allegations, however on Novemeber 15th, 2017, Genius confirms Teakshi69 is guilty. Tekashi69 argues that he is not guilty or on probation because he can travel outside of New York. Due to these allegations, Trippie Red and Pierre Bourne have distanced themselves from Tekashi69. Is Tekashi69 guilty? Thats up to you to decide.Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 5.47.41 PM

Before music, Tekashi69 was expelled from school when he was in the 8th grade after his father was murdered and he picked up jobs as a busboy and drug dealer to help his mom out. He was arrested for selling heroin multiple times. He wants to be a voice for the people who don’t really have a voice. He has 69 tattooed on his body multiple times and HIV on his back to support his HIV positive friends. He represents #scumgang where “scum” stands for “society can’t understand me”. He has donated money to local schools in his community called Bushwick in Brooklyn. Only time will tell if Tekashi69 ends up in prison or takes off as a rapper.

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